Temporary access prohibition on the Wairoa River, Nelson


A temporary “reservation” of a portion of the Wairoa River, Nelson, has been granted for tree-felling and overhead cable recovery of the logs across the river. All activities including but not limited to swimming, wading, angling, or boating of any kind not directly associated with the logging will be prohibited.

The temporary reservation applies between 05:30 and 16:00 on any weekday between Monday 14 November and Friday 2 December 2011. There are no restrictions on public access on any Saturday or Sunday.

The area in which this temporary reservation applies is a 250m stretch of the Wairoa River adjacent to the Department of Conservation picnic area that is approximately 350m north of the intersection of Wairoa Gorge Road and Old Mill Road. The felling is on the east/right bank, and logs will be cabled across to the west/left bank.

For any questions contact Tasman Harbourmaster Steve Hainstock (03) 543 8433 / [email protected]