West Coast Land Reclassification Information

Reclassification recommendations for stewardship land on the West Coast have been announced. The area of land that is being discussed is vast and would include reclassifying approximately 77,000 hectares (12%) as National Park, 347,000 hectares (54%) as Conservation Park and 182,000 hectares (28%) as Historic Reserve.

With such a vast amount of land being reclassified it’s important that we all have the our say, as such Whitewater NZ have put together the following Summary Document to help you, our members better understand what is actually going on.


Submissions on this issue are now closed, we will update the community as more information comes to light.


Instructions + Submission Template: 


or alternatively, in Google Docs:

Submit to [email protected] and with the subject line: West Coast stewardship land reclassification before 23 August.

WWNZ’s Submission

You can see Whitewater New Zealand’s Submission here: WWNZ West Coast reclassification submission v3  and addendum here: West Coast Reclassification – WWNZ Addendum

Further Research

We have done all the research you need to understand the proposals, the impacts to paddlesports, and our preferred outcomes here:

West Coast Land Reclassification – WWNZ Commentary

DOC’s documentation can all be found here:

The recommendations and Conservation Value Reports for each area can be found at or