Two fatalities in canoe wrap on Clarence


In a press release (PDF, 60k) yesterday, the NZRCA wrote “The NZRCA extends its condolences to the families of Annabel Atkinson and Hayley North, who drowned following a fatal accident while canoeing on the Clarence River near Hanmer Springs on Friday 26 October 2001.

In line with a recently established agreement to assist the Maritime Safety Authority to investigate accidents involving kayaks and canoes the NZRCA will appoint advisors to work alongside the MSA. The NZRCA hopes that a full and detailed investigation into the accident will provide lessons that will enhance the safety of kayakers and canoeists and prevent a reoccurance of such a tragedy.

The NZRCA urges all kayakers and canoeists to consider carefully the dangers inherent in kayaking and canoeing and to continue taking precautions to ensure personal safety.””Schoolgirls drown, town in mourning” (The Press)