TrustPower revives Arnold power scheme


TrustPower has refloated a new proposal for electricity generation on the Arnold river, just inland from Greymouth. The original proposal to divert water away from the river to a new lake and hydro station at Dobson was thwarted by DOC’s inability to do a land-swap for the land that TrustPower needed. The new proposal involves extracting two thirds of the water from the river, diverting it through a series of power stations on an 8km canal beside the river and putting it back into the river. The water would be extracted from the existing dam (which is upstream of the paddling put-in) and replaced below the existing take-out. The NZRCA is waiting for more definate data from TrustPower before commenting on this proposal. Users of the Arnold are invited to a meeting with TrustPower representatives to discuss the Arnold hydroelectric scheme (Grey District Council offices (105 Tainui Street) on the 20th October at 10.00am).