Tongariro Power Scheme recreational releases


It took twelve years, numerous meetings, submissions and an appeal to the Environment Court, but Genesis Energy and the NZRCA have agreed to a schedule of recreational releases for the Tongariro Power Development scheme.

On three weekends in 2005 (23 April, 1617 April, 2425 September), the Poutu Intake and Rangipo Dams will release on Saturdays and Sundays respectively, allowing paddlers to enjoy the Access 10, and Access 13 and 14 sections. On 27 August and 10 September 2005 the Whakapapa Intake will provide natural flow at not less than 16 cumecs, with 28 August and 11 September as backup dates. The Moawhango Dam will release 30 cumecs on 18 December 2004 and 22 January 2005. Thanks are due to Maree Baker, Mike Birch, Graeme McIntyre, Mike Savory, Wade Bishop and others who helped the NZRCA make its case.