Tongariro Power Development negotiations


Over the past 18 months the NZRCA has been negotiating with Genesis Power Ltd. over the renewing of the 35-year consents that govern the Tongariro Power Development. We have now reached agreement with Genesis over the conditions to mitigate the effects of the power scheme on recreational kayakers. This agreement is not final until other parties, and the Environment Court also sanction the terms of the agreement.

In the meantime Genesis, the NZRCA and The Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre have agreed to the following package:

3 weekend releases on the upper and lower Tongariro per year (35 cumecs on the lower Tongariro on the Saturday, 30 cumecs on the upper Tongariro on the Sunday)
2 natural flow days on the Whakapapa River, with backup days
1 flushing flow on the Moawhango for use as a recreational flow also
The construction of an artificial playhole on the Wairehu Canal
The establishment of a trust fund to assist in the development of young kayakers.
While this agreement is still not finalised in terms of the big picture, the NZRCA has reached agreement with Genesis as a start. Hopefully the final outcome will be just as positive once it has been presented to the other parties and the Environment Court.