Ruahine Whitewater Club celebrates 30 years


Graeme McIntyre writes, “This year the Ruahine White Water Club is 30 years old. We are celebrating this on the weekend of 5 November. This will be a great opportunity to meet old friends and relive some of the early days of this great club. Already paddlers and ex-paddlers are sorting out photos, slides, videos, minute books and newsletters to bring to our birthday celebrations.

There will be cruises on the Pohangina or the Oroua rivers (if you need a kayak let us know) and on Saturday night, a reunion dinner party with a theme of the 70’s. So dig out all your old 70’s clothes, grow you hair long and come along for the weekend.

It will be great if you can share this weekend with us. Please let us know if you will be there, as we would like to start making plans for catering etc. Also do you know any other ex-paddlers contact addresses? Please let me know ASAP at PO Box 1323, Palmerston North or [email protected]