Rangitaiki Rock ‘A’ to be removed by excavator


[6 March] Ray Sperling of, under contract to EnvBOP Harbourmaster Jon Moore, has released a report on the management of Rock ‘A’ (113k, PDF) on the Rangitaiki river. Apparently the attempt to eliminate the strainer hazard by plugging the gap in Rock ‘A’ with sandbags has not been successful. The report seeks support to remove one of the rocks from the main flow with an excavator from river right. EBOP also have the option to close this section of river completely to all river users due to the current high risk to public safety and their legal obligations to local council to manage this known hazard. Responses are required by 10 March. Update 25 March: Duncan Catanach has compiled the NZRCA’s submission on a proposal to remove ‘Rock A’.