Proposals for jetboats on Buller raise safety concerns


According to the TDC, Jet Boating New Zealand intends applying to extend the area where the 5-knot speed restriction has been uplifted on the Buller River. Currently the speed limit has been uplifted all year round below the confluence of the Mangles River, just north of Murchison. The intended application will relate to lifting that 5-knot speed limit on the Buller River and its tributaries upstream of the Mangles confluence. This will be for the purposes of recreational boating. If consent is granted it will allow all craft access, without speed limitation, further up the Buller, possibly up to the start of the Nelson Lakes National Park. Given the popularity of the Buller catchment rivers with kayakers, removing the speed limit creates additional hazards for paddlers (for example, jetboat on O’Sullivan’s rapid).