NZRCA River Guide now online


The NZRCA River Guide is intended to be an authoritative guide to the sections of rivers used by kayakers in New Zealand/Aotearoa. By referencing a robust, stable index of sections, paddlers, authors, photographers, researchers, planners, bloggers, and students can compare notes, share knowledge and enhance understanding. With permission from Graham Charles, the NZRCA River Guide has been seeded with sections from New Zealand Whitewater (4th Ed.). Graham’s scholarship has been supplemented by additional information from Matt Barker, Alan Bell, Mike Birch, Glenn Murdoch, Jonathan Hunt, Guido Wassink and Tony Ward-Holmes. The initial guide offers over 250 sections, though not all have complete information. Contributions from the kiwi kayaking community are welcome. We have additional features in the pipeline, including comments, ratings, photo galleries, maps, incident and trip reports and more. (See also About the NZRCA River Guide.)