Nevis River protected from dams

Minister for Environment Amy Adams has announced that dams will be prohibited on the Nevis River, per the majority recommendation of the Environment Court. Whitewater NZ volunteers have invested many hundreds of hours into supporting Otago Fish and Game’s application to amend the Kawarau Water Conservation Order (WCO) to improve protection for the superb recreational amenity provided by the Nevis River – including fishing and kayaking values.

The Nevis River was partially protected by the 1994 Kawarau WCO, although the WCO allowed the Nevis River to be dammed for hydro power if the dam allowed for kayaking to continue.

Whitewater NZ issued a media release expressing delight with the decision. “Whitewater NZ has always believed that the Nevis River deserved the highest level of recognition and protection possible,” said Glenn Murdoch, Whitewater NZ’s Nevis campaign manager.