CUMEC Magazine Issue 9

Antz Longman advises, CUMEC Magazine issue #9 is out now featuring Canadian Summers, Creeking in Val Sesia, Italy by Justin Gale, interview with Mike Dawson on the Sickline World Championships, Interview with Cooper Lambla on 12 months in NZ, Voss Extreme week by Jason Juno, The Southern Circuit (NZ) by Megan Foster & Crescent Head/Byron Bay (AUS) by Tracy Gibson, Murray White Water Festival from Western Australia. There’s also tests of a range of river booties, our regular photography and technique columns from Graham Charles and Zak Shaw, some tips for ‘portage training’ in Paddlin’ Fit plus some seriously stunning photos in the gallery. A big shout-out to Max Kneiwasser from Canada for providing the stunning cover image of Kiwi paddler Simon Rutherford on Tatlow Creek in British Columbia.