Covid-19 update 13 April 2020

At today’s 1pm Covid-19 briefing we heard that on Thursday (16th April) the Government will release guidance on what the shift from level 4 Alert to level 3 Alert will look like in terms of recreation as well as other activities. WWNZ has been advocating for sensible access to our whitewater resources via our relationship with Recreation Aotearoa and Sport NZ, who have a direct line of communication with Government. We won’t know what the Level 3 Alert (or 2 and 1) rules and regulations look like until Thursday, but please be aware that whitewater enthusiasts are part of the dialogue and our unique requirements are being considered.

We will update you with advice and guidance on Level 3 Alert activities as soon as we can. For now, please be patient, stay in your bubble and be safe!