Corrections to Tekapo/Pukaki dates in NZ Canoeing 02.3, Spring 2002


A few corrections and additions for the Tekapo Release Dates published on page 10 of NZ Canoeing 02.3, Spring 2002 are as follows:

The Tekapo Whitewater Course releases scheduled for December 28 and 29 have been cancelled.

The School Releases are from noon to 4pm on Tuesdays 25 February, 4 and 18 March and are on the main river not the course and they are open to anyone (at 30-40 cumecs).

The Pukaki releases on January 25 and 26 do not currently have associated Tekapo (river or course) releases although the Waitangi release flows could be moved if anyone is willing to operate the course.

The Tekapo whitewater course will only be operated when a Club or Organisation takes responsibility for running the release. This will involve liaison with Meridian Energy, opening and closing the gates and managing the people on the course (safety).

River weekends follow the usual flow regime of Saturdays 11am to 1pm at 30 cumecs, 1pm to 5pm at 40 cumecs and Sundays 10 am to noon at 30 cumecs, noon to 4pm at 60 cumecs. Course releases are 20 cumecs or less.

The Pukaki release flows are: Saturday 25 January 11am to 2pm at 93 cumecs, 2pm to 4pm at 140 cumecs and Sunday 26 January 10am to noon at 140 cumecs, noon to 3pm at 93 cumecs.

Check Events & Releases for any changes.