Consent sought for jetboat on Kawarau

Kawarau Jet Services Holdings Ltd (KJSHL) has applied for a resource consent (14MB, PDF) to extend its operation from the Arrow River confluence down to the Kawarau Gorge suspension bridge (the bungy bridge). This would mean they would run down through Smith’s Falls, on the first stretch of the Dogleg kayaking and rafting run on the Kawarau. KJSH are requesting unlimited trips with a fleet of 12 jetboats.

Whitewater NZ and other clubs like Central Otago Whitewater and Queenstown Rafting have real concerns that jet boats on the river could pose a major safety hazard and be incompatible with what we kayakers and rafters enjoy on the reach. The Kawarau has a Water Conservation Order on it recognising its outstanding kayaking and rafting values.

Submissions on this application close Thursday 22 May 2014. If you want some ideas on what to comment on have a look at COW’s submission (PDF, 616KB) on a similar application made in 2001. That application was declined.

Get a submission in if you have any concerns. Whitewater NZ and other clubs will be submitting but personal submissions requesting the consent be declined would be helpful too.