Christmas on the Kaituna


[29 November] Antz Longman has details of the final event in the CUMEC Freestyle Kayak Series, to be held on the Kaituna. The weekend will feature three events: Downriver Freestyle (expression session), Xmas Slalom, and Freestyle Rodeo. Entry is $20 for the weekend or $15 for Sunday only. We’re working on organising a Christmas Party for Saturday night too. For more information contact Antz on 021 721 770 or visit Thanks again to the sponsors for getting behind the event: Paddlerzone, Sunspots, Rochfort Paddles, Bliss-Stick Kayaks and CUMEC Magazine. Update, 18 December: In association with DOC, Environment Bay of Plenty and Sunspots Kayak Shop all paddlers attending this weekends ‘Xmas at Kaituna’ event are being asked to clean their boats before getting on the river. From now until Friday a cleaning station will be available at Sunspots Kayak Shop, and on Saturday there will be cleaning facilities available at the put-in. Once your kayak and gear has been cleaned you will receive a sticker to confirm that your boat has been cleaned. All entrants in the event must clean their gear.