Access to Lower Gorge of the Taieri River closed by Wenita Forestry


Craig Adams informs us that access to the get in of the Lower Taieri run has been closed by Wenita as they build a larger road network in the plantation in preparation for logging. The closure runs to the end of October. Those of you who have frequented this run will know how heavily utilised recreation-wise this area has become with boating, trail biking, and hunting. It seems that Wenita has only found out what happens out there on the weekend since this closing becoming official. After discussions with Aaron Gunn at Wenita it appears there maybe some weekend access after the end of October; discussions are in no way finalised and are ongoing. It has been a serious letdown as the Taieri River season, has really only kicked off with a stonking 1,120 cumecs not long after this closing occurring. Alternative access points and opportunities are being actively explored by the local crew so we will keep you in the loop as to our findings. Things are looking pretty positive, just some patience please. The combination Upper/Lower Taieri day trip has been tested and results conclude it is better as a two day self support, or have a bigger flow!