Access to Perth and Adams impacted by Wilderness Area proposal


The Department of Conservation is proposing two new wilderness areas on the West Coast. The proposed Adams wilderness area is of concern to kayakers with respect to the Perth, Upper Wanganui and Adams rivers. DoC have provided a useful background paper and a specific information pack on the Adams area which recognise the Perth and Upper Wanganui as world-class adventure kayaking sections. The proposal affects access to the Perth above Scone Hut, the Adams River and the Upper Wanganui river.

The NZRCA encourages kayakers to make submissions requesting access to these sections for current and future generations of paddlers. Kayakers have already lost access to the Upper Landsborough (Hooker-Landsborough Wilderness Area) and the Karangarua (old airstrip at Cassel Flat, Westland Tai Poutini National Park), and arguably the Waipara (Olivine Wilderness Area), the best day-trip landing in the Karamea (above Roaring Lion, Tasman Wilderness Area), and air access was threatened during the drafting of the Kahurangi National Park Conservation Management Plan. Submissions are due May 10 (Submission form (PDF,63k)). Details of the proposal and the NZRCA’s concerns are in Access / The Adams Wilderness Area. Update: 13 May, the NZRCA’s submission regarding access to the Perth, Upper Wanganui and Adams rivers is online. Update: 15 August, corrected URLs after DoC website rearrangement. Update: 17 September 2003, corrected URLs after additional DoC website rearrangement.