Tokaanu Power Station closed from 7 to 23 October 2006


[18 September] Genesis Energy have announced they will be undertaking maintenance at Tokaanu Intake located at Lake Rotoaira starting on Saturday 7th October until Monday 23rd October. During this time there will be no flows through Tokaanu Power Station and flows into Lake Rotoaira via Poutu Canal and Wairehu Canal will be limited. Public access to Tokaanu Intake will be closed during this time for safety reasons.

During this period flows will be higher in the Tongariro River below Poutu Intake (Access 10), Poutu Stream, Whakapapa River and in the smaller streams of the Western Diversion, possibly including the Whanganui River and Mangatepopo Stream. Access 10 will be at about 40 cumecs and more with rain. The Whakapapa River will need rain (the mean annual flow at the intake is about 15 cumecs). Genesis Energy has put in place stringent operating procedures to manage flows during this period, however unplanned flow variations may occur and flows may change at anytime.

Please note the dates above are indicative only and the completion date may change slightly. Flow information is available on the Genesis Energy River, Lakes and Rainfall website Update 19 October: Genesis Energy have advised that the maintenance has been completed ahead of schedule. Flows will be back to normal by Saturday, 21 October