Special Tribunal for Hurunui WCO appointed


Jim Lynch (chair), Dr Gerry Closs, Dr Gail Tipa and Adrienne Williams have been appointed to consider an application for a Water Conservation Order on the Hurunui River. Water Conservation Orders are set up to recognise and sustain waters that are considered to be outstanding as a habitat or fishery, or for scenic, scientific or recreational values.

The tribunal will consider an application by Fish and Game and the New Zealand Recreational Canoeing Association (PDF, 5.3MB) for a water conservation order to recognise and sustain the outstanding amenity and intrinsic values of the Upper Hurunui waters and the contribution that the Lower Hurunui River makes to those values. The tribunal members have sound experience in dealing with RMA matters and water conservation orders. The special tribunal will meet shortly and then organise a hearing and report back to the Minister with recommendations about whether there should be an order and if so, in what form. The findings of the special tribunal can be appealed to the Environment Court.