NZRCA AGM 28-29 April, Murchison


[29 March] The NZRCA Annual General Meeting will be held in Murchison on the weekend of 28-29 April, 2007. All kayakers are welcome, especially those keen to get involved in the issues facing recreational paddlers. The NZRCA Executive will be kayaking on the local rivers that weekend, as well as holding the AGM. So all welcome to come and do some paddling and have your say – on and off the water.
The AGM is also where the Canoeist of the Year Award is made. The Canoeist of the Year award celebrates those who achieve or contribute to recreational canoeing in New Zealand. Award recipients are nominated to the NZCF as candidates for the Canard Cup. The current holder is Dave Ritchie. If you wish to nominate someone for COTY you need to send your recommendations to NZRCA Administration Officer Anne Smith at [email protected] or NZRCA, PO Box 284, Wellington by 28 April. Update: 7 April. The AGM will be held at NZ Kayak School.

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