Didymo protocol for Rangitata river users


[26 August] Raewyn Larcombe writes on behalf of a committee formed by the Peel Forest Enhancement Group, Rangitata Gorge Landcare Group, Lake Clearwater Hutholders Association and the Orari River Protection Group to request that kayakers participate in a didymo cleaning protocol based on treating the Rangitata Gorge and Middle Rangitata as separate waterways: Didymo has been found at Clarke’s Flat, the Arundel Bridge and at the mouth of the Rangitata but we have every confidence that we can stop the spread up the river, with your help. From just below the RDR intake needs to be treated as an infected river and from the intake above as clear. The rafting/kayaking fraternity are affected by this as it is the take out for the top end and the put in for the lower end. All we ask is that you clean with all the appropriate cleaning materials, all gear, clothing, hair etc before putting in to run either the lower end or the gorge run. And in particular if you run the lower end, please do not re-enter at the top end again without thoroughly cleaning down your gear, clothing footwear and right down to washing your hair thoroughly with shampoo and rinsed from a clear water source. Update 29 August: The Peel Forest Enhancement Group will be setting up cleaning stations on both sides of the river, one in Peel Forest and one near Lake Clearwater. For further information please contact the Peel Forest Store.