Buller Workday at New Year


This event follows hot on the heels of last summer’s successful workday on the middle-Matakitaki take-out road. The workday is organised by the NZ Kayak School and the NZRCA.The mission is to pull out offending hazardous rubbish (wire, fridges, sheet iron, etc.) from a local river and arrange alternative disposal, in cooperation with local landowners. The date depends on flow and weather, so will be announced. It is expected to be between 29th December and 2 January 2000. Look for advertising at the Riverview Campground and NZ Kayak School. Bring yourself and if possible some suitable work-gear (overalls, work gloves, boots, wire clippers, spades, ropes that can get dirty). For further details contact Sarah McRae (025) 249 6116 and/or Mick Hopkinson (03) 523 9611.