Attention kayakers using Homer Hut


The New Zealand Alpine Club has contacted the NZRCA concerning apparent non-payment of hut fees, more canoeists are using our Club’s Homer Hut, which lies off the road near the head of the Hollyford Valley. While we welcome canoeists to use our hut, we do ask that everyone contributes to its upkeep by paying their hut fees ($14.00 per person per night, $7.00 for day use only). Those camping near the hut are expected to pay for day use of the hut- as there are other areas better suited to camping, by implication the only reason someone would camp by the hut is to use the facilities there. When one realises that our total revenue from the hut is only a few thousand dollars a year, it is clear that fees barely cover fuel supply and maintenance costs. Those canoeists who have still to get around to paying their fees from last summer can send their cheques to the Southland Section of the New Zealand Alpine Club, PO Box 965, Invercargill.