1080 operation around Perth River

Zero Invasive Predators Ltd (ZIP), DOC and Predator Free 2050 Limited are carrying out research in the Perth River Valley, to develop an approach to completely remove possums (and potentially rats) from forested areas and prevent them from re-establishing.

The approach will involve an aerial 1080 operation, over c.7,500ha. Major rivers and streams within the treatment area include the Barlow River, part of the Perth River, part of Scone Creek, and Bettison Stream. No zones within the area are excluded from the treatment.

Aerial 1080 treatment, using 6g cylindrical cereal pellet bait dyed green, will occur twice. The first treatment will be carried out no earlier than 28 May 2018, and the second may not be carried out until late Spring, subject to weather. Non-toxic pre-feed (not dyed green) will be laid in the weeks immediately prior to each toxic baiting.

There is only one public hut in the treatment area, i.e. Scone Hut. The hut tank water supply will be carefully managed.

Warning signs will be posted on tracks at the boundaries of the operational area, and information will be provided in Scone Hut (and nearby Nolans Hut).

If successful, the approach is expected to have significant beneficial outcomes for native plants and animals in the valley, and could negate the need for the repeated use of aerial 1080 at the landscape-scale at this site (and at other similar sites).

Updates on the project are available on the Zero Invasive Predators website,, and inquiries can be directed to [email protected]