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Best cordless vacuum cleaners you can find in 2019


The task of finding the best cordless vacuum cleaner, which is a fantastic invention to keep the dirt and dust out of your house, has never been easy, especially if you want to match it with your specific needs. But there is some good news for you as the top-rated cordless vacuums are getting better, lighter and smarter after each generation.


To help you find the best portable alternatives to corded vacuums, we have compiled a list of the best cordless vacuums available on the market right now:


Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute



To put it simply, this vacuum from Dyson is among the top-rated vacuum cleaners they have ever made. Refined cyclone technology provides the strongest suction power you can expect – 20% more than that of its predecessor, which you can experience right from the first time you use it.


More than that, the V10 has some important changes compared to models in the “V” lineup. The barrel, to which the attachments connect directly, has become front-facing while Dyson has tweaked the design in order to improve the suction efficiency. It now can adjust itself to give maximum performance according to differences in temperature, air pressure, and altitude.


While it can drain its battery in five minutes in heavy use, with lighter settings, it can last up to one hour of use, which is more than enough for most customers.


Shark IF250UK


If you want a cheaper alternative to vacuums from Dyson, the IF250UK from Shark is a decent option. On a single charge, it can operate up to 23 minutes, but with the two battery sets provided, you can get 46 minutes of use in total.


The design is our favorite feature, although it may seem a bit heavy for you The “Flexology” technology from Shark enables you to bend it at the mid-point, helping you to clean hard-to-reach places like the areas under the sofa without crawling on the floor. And while it is not the most lightweight of vacuums out there, you can still carry and move it around with ease.


The IF250UK is our recommended alternative to the Dyson V10 with excellent features and a reasonable price, all the things you want from a budget option.


Gtech AirRam MK2



The AirRam MK2 from Gtech combines the flexibility you can find in all cordless vacuums with strong suction power and ease-of-use, placing it as the top pick for those wanting a highly maneuverable and lightweight vacuum cleaner they can move around quickly in their house.


If you want to clean an accidental spillage quickly, a partial charge of one hour is enough, but generally, if you want to do a total house-cleaning, a full charge will give you 40 minutes of usage. The Airlock technology can adjust the vacuum head for different types of floors automatically, and while it does not have the strongest performance on the market, the suction is totally acceptable.


While it is easy to carry around, with no attachments or hose, the ability to reach difficult areas is very limited. But the price tag, which is more affordable than that of Dyson lineups, makes itself a worthwhile choice for customers.




With the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners above, we don't want anything more than to help you find the right models for yourself depending on your own needs from reputable brands. Have more questions? Feel free to leave them below, and we will get back to you soon.




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